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Forced Order
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First LineSongAlbum
'Here I stand, helpless and left for dead..'Phobia
'Border line, dead inside,I don't mind falling to pieces..'Phobia
'You my friend, are a lot like them..'We Are Not Alone
'So clever, whatever. I'm done with these endeavors..'Phobia
'I want a normal life, just like a newborn child..'We Are Not Alone
'I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like..'Phobia
'Now the dark begins to rise, save your breath it's far from over..'Dear Agony
'They fall in line, one at a time, ready to play..'Halo 2 Soundtrack
'The light is dead in your eye, so I'll keep living my life..'Saturate
'I live a chemical life, I'm on a mission to try..'We Are Not Alone
First LineSongAlbum
'I'm losing sight, don't count on me..'We Are Not Alone
'Crowded streets are cleared away, one by one..'We Are Not Alone
'Dead star shine, light up the sky..'Dear Agony
'The game is over, I'm mean and older. You're coming closer, over and over..'Saturate
'Shove me under you again, I can't wait for this to end..'Saturate
'My hands are broken, and time is going on and on..'Phobia
'If I had to, I would put myself right beside you..'Phobia
'Take a photograph, it'll be the last..'We Are Not Alone
'Milk it for all it's worth, make sure you get there first..'Phobia
'Let the fun and games begin, she is spayed and broken in..'We Are Not Alone

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