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Name the Scientist WhoName of Scientist
Claimed all atoms combine in whole number ratios to form compounds?
Discovered electrons
Used the oil drop experiment to calculate mass to charge ratio
Found radio activity
Found x-rays
Used the gold foil experiment to conclude that most of the mass and all positive charge of an atom is located in a small dense region (nucleus)
Discovered the neutron
Created a model of the atom in which protons and neutrons are in the center of the nucleus and electrons on energy levels away from nucleus
Coined the term 'radiation'
Was Rutherford's assistant in Gold Foil experiment
Made the Law of Constant Heat Summation
Claimed that radiant energy comes in distinct packets of energy called 'quanta'
Name the Scientist WhoName of Scientist
Changed the term 'quanta' to 'photons'
Created the Dual Wave Particle Theory
Created the 'Uncertainty Principle' claiming you cannot know both the speed and direction/location of an electron at the same time
Has a law named after that states that at constant temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional
Has a law named after that states that at constant pressure, volume and temperature are directly proportional
Has a law named after that states that at constant volume, temperature and pressure are directly proportional
6.02x10^23 is known as this scientists number
Created the law stating that the lighter the gas the faster it moves
Created a law stating that the partial pressure exerted by solvent vapor above an ideal solution is the product of the mole fraction of the solvent and the vapor pressure of the pu
Has a principle named after them stating that whenever a stress is placed upon a system at equilibrium, the system will respond to the stress in such a way as to minimize its effec
Has a theory named after him that states acids produce hydrogen ions and bases produce hydroxide ions

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