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Translation in ItalianType of PastaPhysical Description
Little twinesMost common round-rod pasta
Little wormsThicker than capellini, thinner than fedelini
Little riflesThree-edged spiral, usually in mixed colours. Many vendors and brands sold as fusilli are two-edged
(This one's in English)Thinnest round-rod pasta
Little slicesRibbon of pasta approximately 6.5 millimeters wide
Cooking potVery wide noodles that often have fluted edges
Little tonguesFlattened version of round-rod pasta
Large stuffable tubesLarge little canes
TwinsA single S-shaped strand of pasta twisted in a loose spiral
To bruise or crushAs long as a little finger, usually striped.
Sleeve-like thingsLarge stuffable ridged tubes
PensMedium length tubes with ridges, cut diagonally at both ends
Translation in ItalianType of PastaPhysical Description
Large lined onesLarge and slightly curved tube
Bride's pastaLong, narrow hose-like tubes
Flattened bell-shaped pasta with a frilly edge on one endLittle bells
Bow-tie shaped Butterflies
Round in shape and often made with flour plus potatoes.Knot in wood
Bowl or ear shaped pastaLittle ears
Wagon wheel shaped pastaLittle wheel
2-edged spiral, tightly woundTwists
German egg pasta that is either round in shape or completely irregular, when hand made.Little sparrow in German
Semi-circular pockets; about 2.5 in. diameter.Half moons
Square. About 3x3cm. Stuffed with cheese, ground meat, pureed vegetables, or mixtures thereof.Turnip
Ring-shaped. Stuffed with a mixture of meat and cheese.Little pies

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