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Can you name the World of Fairy Tail - Charaters

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Fairy Tail
Fire Dragon Slayer 
Celestial Spirits 
Ice Make 
Equip, Armor & blades - Titania 
Sky Dragon Slayer 
Iron Dragon Slayer 
Water Magic 
Blue Exeed, AYE 
White Exeed 
Black Exeed 
3rd & 6th Master 
1st Master (ghost) 
Cards Magic, Strongest drinker 
Take Over: Satan Soul 
Take Over: Beast Soul - MAN 
Take Over: Animal Soul 
Celestial Spirit (human name) 
Lightning Dragon Slayer 
Écriture of Darkness - Runes 
Human Possession, Figure Eyes 
Stone Eyes, Fairy Magic 
Solid Script 
Plant Magic 
High Speed 
Young Fire Mage 
Purple Flare 
Smoke Magic 
Guns Magic (male) 
Guns Magic (female) 
Daugter of members above 
Sand Magic 
Pict Magic 
Cursed Snake 
Wood Make 
Seith Magic - Native American 
Dance Magic 
Fire Dragon 
Sky Dragon 
Iron Dragon 
Flame Dragon 
White Dragon 
Shadow Dragon 
Jade Dragon 
White Dragonslayer 
Shadow Dragonslayer 
Red Exeed 
Green Exeed in Frog costume 
Celestial Spirits 
Memory Make 
Lightning God Slayer 
Territory - Aboves daughter 
Lamia Scale
Master (best name ever) 
Earth Magic, of the 10 saints 
Ice Make 
Doll Attack 
Sky God Slayer 
Dog-like face 
Blue Pegasus
Parfume Magic - MEN 
Archive & Telepathy 
Air Magic 
Snow Magic 
Take Over: Machina Soul 
Lion-like Exeed - MEN 
Celestial Spirits (deceased) 
Mermaid Heel
Gravity Change, sword Archenemy 
Binding Magic - Catlover 
Gravity Change 
Thread Magic 
Vegetable Magic 
Quatro Cerberus
Palm Magic - The Drunk Falcon 
Drill 'n Rock 
MPF 124 
Plant Magic 
Tear Magic 
Wild Spin 
Crime Sorcière
Many types ex: Meteor 
Times Arc 
Maguilty Sense 
Always moves his arm 
Blue female 
White male farmer KYA 
Raven Tail
Hair Magic 
Drains Magical Power 
Needle Magic 
Phantom Lord
Rainbow Fire 
Air Magic 
Eart & Sand Magic 
Oración Seis
Master & Alter Ego of below 
Many types ex: Archive 
Reflector - Brain II 
Posion Dragon Slayer 
Celestial Spirits & Angel Magic 
Earth Magic, Heaven's Eye 
Slowing Magic 
Talking Staff 
Wind & Storm Magic 
Grimoire Heart
Master & 2nd Master of FT 
Great Tree Arc 
Gravity Magic 
Fire God Slayer 
Arc of Embodiment 
Ushi no Koku Mairi 
Possesed Capricorn 
Orient Solid Script 
Egg Magic 
The Black Wizard
The Black Wizard 
Dragon King 
Flute, skull with 3 eyes 
Was Sealed in Ice 
Death's Head Caucus
Sword Magic 
Hair & Guitar Magic 
Owl who talks justice 
Magic Council
Memory Control & Teleportation 
Head Captain, Rune Knights 
Retired, now Chef 
2nd Seat of the Council 
Alias of a blue-haired Mage 
Garou Knights
Leader - named by Mirajane 
Paper Magic 
Plant Magic 
Terrain Effect Magic 
Legion Corps
Nullification Magic 
Light Blue Exeed 
Command Magic 
Magic Shield & Lance 
Athletic Magic 
Dog Whistle Magic 
Green Blocky guy, temporary member 
Ex-FT member, Prince later King 
Titanias counterpart (whole or last name) 
Command Tact 
Rosa Espada 
Magic Vials 
Assistant Chief of Staff 
Celestial Spirits
Big Moustache 
The Lion (celestial name) 
The Water Bearer 
The Scorpion - WE ARE 
The Twins 
The Ram - I'M SORRY 
The Goat 
The Giant Crab - EBI 
The Golden Bull - NICE BODY 
The Centaur, Archer - MOSHI MOSHI 
The Heavenly Scales 
The Paired Fish 
The Snake Charmer 
The Lyre - Singer 
The Clock 
The Southern Cross 
The Compass 
Other Characters
Ice Make Teacher (deceased) 
Father of female lead (deceased) 
Mother of female lead (deceased) 
Reporter for Sorcerer Magazine - COOL 
Grand Magic Games Mascot 
King of Fiore 
Princess of Fiore 
Chief of the Cherry Blossom Holy Knight Squadron 
Card Magic, ex-slave 
Blocky & Dandy Gunner 
Died protecting Titania (deceased) 
Shadow Mage of Eisenwald 
Galuna Island Mayor 
Son of Above 
Theather Director - THANK YOU VERY MUCH 
Cait Shelter Master 

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