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Can you name the answers to these D. Gray-mam questions?

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Who is the main protagonist?
Who is the main antagonist?
Who is the main protagonist's father?
What is the occupation of the protagonists?
Where do they work?
What is their weapon?
What is a type of innocence?
What is kanda's innocence?
What type is it?
What is lenalee's innocence?
What type?
What is Allen?
Who is the 14th?
Who does Krory face inside Noah's Ark?
What does Allen get inside Noah's Ark?
Where is Allen's first mission?
What is the name of the Akuma there?
Who is found inside Noah's Ark?
What happens to Suman?
What did Suman want?
What was Lavi's previous name?
How many names has Lavi had?
What level akuma has a soul that makes Allen vomit?
Who was Allen's friend in India?
Who is the altered akuma?
Who does Kanda escape to Mater with?
What does Skin say in Noah's Ark?
What technique does Kanda use against Skin?
Which general does Tyki kill?
What does Tyki take from him?
What is the title of the first opening?
What is the title of the second opening?
What is the title of the third opening?
What is the title of the fourth opening?
Who is Allen's english voice actor?
What is the symbol gatekeeper looks for to distinguish between human and akuma?
Who gave Allen his curse?
When was Allen adopted?
What level akuma attacks the black order?
What is the highest level akuma known so far?
What level akuma join together to make a giant akuma?
What was Allen before becoming an exorcist?
What was Allen's stage name?
What is the name of Allen's golem?
Who is the accommodator of 'Charity Bell'?
Who is his voice actor? (Hint: Yusuke Urameshi)
Which company dubbed and distributed D. Gray-Man?

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