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Can you name the Polyatomic Ion/Acid/Base Formulas (IB Chem Quiz Review)?

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Name of Ion, Acid, or BaseFormulaOther Info (That you still need to know!
ammonium1+ charge
acetate1- charge
hypochlorite1- charge
chlorite1- charge
chlorate1- charge
perchlorate 1- charge
cyanide1- charge
hydrogen carbonate1- charge
hydrogen sulfide1- charge
hydroxide1- charge
nitrate1- charge
nitrite1- charge
thiocyanate1- charge
permanganate1- charge
hydrogen sulfate1- charge
mercury(I)2+ charge
carbonate2- charge
chromate2- charge
dichromate2- charge
peroxide2- charge
oxalate2- charge
sulfate2- charge
sulfite2- charge
tartrate2- charge
phosphate3- charge
Name of Ion, Acid, or BaseFormulaOther Info (That you still need to know!
hydrochloric acidstrong acid
hydrobromic acidstrong acid
hydroioic acidstrong acid
nitric acidstrong acid
sulfuric acidstrong acid
perchloric acidstrong acid
chloric acidstrong acid
acetic acidweak acid
carbonic acidweak acid
phosphoric acidweak acid
sulfurous acidweak acid
hydrofluoric acidweak acid
hydrosulfuric acidweak acid
lithium hydroxidestrong base
sodium hydroxidestrong base
potassium hydroxidestrong base
rubidium hydroxidestrong base
cesium hydroxidestrong base
strontium hydroxidestrong base
barium hydroxidestrong base
calcium hydroxidestrong base
ammoniaweak base
magnesium hydroxideweak base
ethylamine/aminoethaneweak base

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