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vascular structure organ/organNo real start or stop, a repetitive structure
Organ for nutrient and water absorptionNo real start or stop, a repetitive structure
Seed leaf/seed organNot a true leaf, does not form from leaf primordia
A plant that lives its life cycle in one yearLife Span
A plant that lives its life cycle in two yearsLife Span
A plant that lives its life cycle in many yearsLife Span
this is a plant that fruits only once or reproduces only once. They can live for one year or many years, but they always reproduce once and then dieFlowering Frequency
Fruits multiple times in a life cycleFlowering Frequency
A plant with no wood - is herbaceousHabit
Woody plant with many stemsHabit
Woody plant with a unified trunkHabit
A plant that is unable to support its own bodyHabit
A woody vineHabit
Enlarged, fleshy, full of water plantHabit
A plant that lives atop another plantHabit
Completely parasitic plantHabit
Partial parasite - photosynthetic parasiteHabit
A plant that is herbaceous except for the bottom, which is woodyMeans slightly shrubby
one main root and can be some secondary root hairsRoot Type
Here we have a whole mess of roots – there’s no single main root. This is essentially the root system of nearly every single monocot on Earth.Root type
roots that come out of tissues that are not from the primary root system. They’ve developed from other tissuesRoot Type
An aerial root - or air rootRoot type
Parasitic root-like structure(s)Root Type
The point at which a leaf emerges from a stem Stem Feature
Space between two nodesStem feature
Region covering the node and around itStem Feature
Little bud right by the nodeStem Feature
mark left by leaf abscissionStem Feature
Rapidly dividing plant tissueStem feature
Little pores in the barkStem feature
Modified overground stem for creating clones, 'a runner.''Stem modification
Subterranean stem - also helps create clonesStem modification
Underground perennating organ - a single stem with fleshy leavesStem modification
Underground perennating organ without fleshy leavesStem modification
Massive stem modification - like a potatoStem Modification
Flat photosynthetic part of the leafLeaf Part
Leaf stalkLeaf Part
appendage where petiole and axillary bud meetLeaf part
Top of leafLeaf part
Bottom of leafLeaf part
biggest most prominent vein on a leafLeaf part
Meaning not deciduous - does not lose all leaves at onceLeaf persistence
Seasonally loses all leaves at onceLeaf persistence
Leaves die at once but aren't droppedLeaf persistence
Leaves alternating attachementLeaf phyllotaxy
Leaves equally spaced and opposite of one anotherLeaf phyllotaxy
more than two leaves per node, going aroundLeaf phyllotaxy
all leaves will be right above the groundLeaf phyllotaxy
one undivided leafLeaf complexity
a multi-bladed leaf, many leaflets attached to one mid veinLeaf complexity
Number 50 but with a second order of complexityLeaf complexity
No central axis, leaves are all attached at one pointLeaf complexity
3 leaflets attached to central pointLeaf complexity
attaches via. petioleLeaf attachment
no petiole and attaches directly to the stemLeaf attachment
base of leaf clasps and wraps around stemLeaf attachment
Secondary veins extending from one main veinLeaf venation
many parallel veins running through leavLeaf venation
Many main veins radiating from a central pointLeaf venation
long and thin Leaf blade shape
like a raindrop but wide and fatLeaf blade shape
like a raindrop but usually long and thinLeaf blade shape
Like a fat raindrop, but the fat part is at the tipLeaf blade shape
Fattest part of the leaf is in the middle.Leaf blade shape
Long and thing ovalLeaf blade shape
Perfectly circularLeaf blade shape
No lobes or features of any kind - smooth leafLeaf margin
with lobes on the leaf. can be palmate or pinnateLeaf margin
Very deeply lobedLeaf margin
Serrated edges point upwardsLeaf margin
serrated edges point outwardsLeaf margin
Shell-shaped edgesLeaf margin
entire leaves that curl around a bitLeaf margin
when angle is less than 90 degreesLeaf apex or base
When angle is more than 90 degreesLeaf apex or base
an acute apex with an elongated drip-tipLeaf apex or base
obtuse apex with a pinched off tipLeaf apex or base
no point at all for apexLeaf apex or base
heart-shaped baseLeaf apex or base
umbrella-shapedLeaf apex or base
base is uneven, either side of leaf doesn't attach at some positionLeaf apex or base
better word for a plant hairLeaf vestiture
with hairLeaf vestiture
without hairLeaf vestiture
little hair that comes out with an end like a starLeaf vestiture
trichome with glandLeaf vestiture
modified stem or branch, are woodyPlant armament
modified leavesPlant armament
modified trichomesPlant armament
Organ for attachment, curling aroundstem modification

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