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this is the outer layer of the fruit, around the fruitFruit and Seed Term
outer layer of the seedFruit and Seed Term
splits open to disperse seedsFruit Types - Dry fruit
does not split to disperse seedsFruit Types - Dry fruit
formed from apocarpous gynoecia, separate simple pistilsFruit Types - Dry fruit
Formed from syncarpous gynoecia, multiple carpelsFruit Types - Dry fruit
splits along the septa (singular: septum)Fruit Types - Dry fruit
splits along the luculesFruit Types - Dry fruit
Doesn't split at all but seeds shake out through little pores (ex. poppy)Fruit Types - Dry fruit
Capsule splits partially, but not all the wayFruit Types - Dry fruit
line of dehiscence is like an equator - goes aroundFruit Types - Dry fruit
formed from apocarpous gynoecia - only loosely attached to pericarpFruit Types - Dry fruit
made from syncarpous gynoecia - firmly attached, even fused, to pericarp. only one ovule turns to seedFruit Types - Dry fruit
a split fruit - pericarp that just breaks completelyFruit Types - Dry fruit
winged fruits - anything with a wingFruit Types - Dry fruit
has multiple seeds inside - not hard or crunchy usuallyFruit Types - Fleshy
one giant seed inside - normally divided into 3 parts, which followFruit Types - Fleshy
the outer layer of pericarpFruit Types - Fleshy
Inner layer completely fused to seedFruit Types - Fleshy
the middle, fleshy good stuff, layerFruit Types - Fleshy
a tiny itty bitty fruit made from a single pistilFruit Types - Fleshy
separate little fruits coming together to make an aggregate fruitFruit Types - Fleshy
any fruit tissue or extra tissue that doesn't come from the ovary or pistilFruit Types - Fleshy
apple or pear - rose family thingsTaxon Specific Fruits
a citrus fruit - trichomes that fill with water and yumminessTaxon Specific Fruits
a fruit of the cucumber family. Watermelons, luffa, guardsTaxon Specific Fruits
beans, peanuts, from an apocarpous gynoecium. legumesTaxon Specific Fruits
Anything from grass, PoaceaeTaxon Specific Fruits
Fruits of the mustard familyTaxon Specific Fruits

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