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Can you name the Fire Emblem skills (4-10)?

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Grants the ability to perform a follow-up attack 
Negates other combat abilities 
Engages enemy in another round of combat 
Allows chance for critical hits  
May negate all damage dealt to unit 
User attacks first during enemy phase 
Doubles EXP gained 
Allows for 2 consecutive hits  
Avoid a lethal attack for one turn 
Reduces all prices by 50% 
Takes enemy's gold 
Delas damage and heals user 
Deals 5 strikes at reduced damage 
Heals unit at beginning of player phase 
Nullifies half the target's defense 
Boosts allies' stats within 3 tiles 
Refresh adjacent units, so they may perform another action 
When below half health, user will always land a critical hit 
Negates all damage 
Grants bonus damage to monster units 
May guarantee a hit for the user 
Opens doors and chests without lockpicks 
Instantly kills opponent 
Deals damage while ignoring all defense 
Creates a weak phantom unit for player 
Doubles effects of biorhythm 
Chance to return damage dealt to the opponent at half strength 
Halves effects of biorhythm 
Increases odds of enemies attacking unit 
Gives chance for one attack to become 2 consecutive hits 
Allows unit to strike first during enemy phase 
Reduces lethal damage by half 
Pushes an ally 2 spaces away 
Decreases likelihood that this unit will be targeted during enemy phase 
Thief; Option to steal items from enemies 
Thief; Allows unit to use knives 
Option to attack with doubled crit but halved hit rate 
Boosts critical rate greatly when below half health 
Boosts stat growth rate but lowers EXP gain 
Doubles EXP gain 
Increases movement by 2 
Tanith only; Option to summon NPC units to aid the player 
Heron; Refreshes ally units, permitting them to perform another action 
Janaff; Boosts hit rate 
Ulki; Boosts avoid and dodge 
Bishop; Allows use of light magic 
Negates all enemy combat skills in combat 
Boosts strength, skill & speed below half health 
Attacks may negate further attacks from enemies during combat 
Attacks may lower enemy's held weapon durability 
Completely negates all skills and support/terrain bonuses in battle 
Allows user to negate rescue penalties 
Restores HP by 10% at beginning of player phase 
Enemy exclusive; reduces enemy crit and hit rate 
Raven laguz; Grants a 1-2 range attack  
Tibarn only; chance to negate all damage 
Lord; A two-hit strike, first healing and then negating defense 
Warrior; Increases damage when user has higher constution than the opponent 
Paladin; Heals user equal to damage dealt 
Sage & Bishop; Negates half the opponent's resistance 
Sniper; Double's hit rate and may put opponent to sleep 
General & Halberdier; Negates half the opponent's defense 
Swordmaster; May turn one attack into 5 half-damage strikes 
Falcoknight & Wyvern Lord; Deals damage and paralyzes enemy for 1 turn 
Beast laguz; Paralyzes enemy for 1 turn 
Assassin; Instantly defeats opponent 
Heron laguz; Restores HP to adjacent allies 
Dragon laguz; Cures status conditions of adjacent allies 
Allows units to push allies one space away 
Allows units to use remaining movement after performing an action 
Boosts crit by 5 
Boosts crit by 10 
Boosts crit by 15 
Boosts crit by 20 
Boosts crit by 25 
Unit loses HP and grants it to their ally, healing them  
Unit may take damage in place of a partner with a high support bond 
Doubles weapon experience gain 
Deal extra damage to beast laguz 
Negates all critical hits 
Chance to stun indirect attackers 
Allows laguz to halfshift, remaining transformed with reduced stats 
Restores HP relative to user's magic stat 
Chance to negate target's luck against indirect attackers 
Command option which petrifies enemy 
Allows permanent laguz state with no stat loss 
Unit can pass through enemies on the map 
Attacks may cause enemies to unequip their weapon 
Ignores bonus damage effect from enemies 
Command option that halves unit's attack for one round of combat 
Beast laguz; Chane to deal damage to indirect attackers 
Enemies will be spared with 1 HP 
Birds only; Chance to deal damage to indirect attackers 
Deal extra damage to dragon laguz 
Deal extra damage to bird laguz 
Enemies are much less likely to target unit 
Boosts allies' defense and resistance 
Boosts allies' strength and skill 
Boosts allies' magic and speed 
Black Knight; Ignores defenses and multiplies damage by 5 
Saint; Ignores resistance and halves target's hit rate for one turn 
Whisper; Leaves opponent with 1 HP 
Sentinel; Attacks may deal 4 times damage 
Wolf laguz; Deals 3x damage and halves enemies' skill for one turn 
Bird laguz; Deals 3x damage and halves enemies' speed for one turn 
Beast laguz; Deals 5x damage and paralyzes enemy for one turn 
Dragon laguz; Deals 3x damage 
Enemy only; Negates all damage from non-blessed weapons; heals unit and grants Nihil and Fortune effects 
Enemy only; Deals half of damage dealt back to opponent 

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