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space turtlewhat are the main enemies on mars called?
starts with the letter vwhat are the robotic enemies called?
knight, acolyte, thrallwhat are the zombie like enemies called?
dreg,vandal,captainwhat are the four armed enemies called?
 what color is an exotic engram?
 what color is a legendary engram?
 what color is a rare engram?
 what color is a uncommon engram?
 what color is a common item?
 what gun needs to be charged up before it is fired?
 what is a fully automatic rifle called in destiny?
 what is a rifle used for long distance shots called?
 what gun shoots out a spray of little bullets?
 what is a rifle that shoots in burst called in destiny?
 what is a pistol called in Destiny?
 what is a heavy weapon that shoots out many bullets at a fast rate called?

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