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A spotted horse breed.
Not actually a breed. Is a type of short, stocky horse.
A distant relative of the horse with long ears.
This breed's registry is KWPN.
Not actually a breed. Is a type of large, stocky horse used for farmwork.
Named after James Brumby.
A gentle spanish horse that is fairly small.
A popular breed of pony that usually has a golden coat.
Originally bred by tribes descendant from the Huns.
Although they are technically ponies, they are called horses since there's no word for pony in Icelandic.
Eye-catching, spotted horses (not appaloosas).
The only horse native to Poland.
Similar to the Marwari, with even curvier ears.
Thought to be the oldest true breed of horse.
The national horse breed of Brazil.
The most well-known indian horse, for it's curved ears.
Small, black ponies found in France,
This breed is even tinier than Shetland Ponies.
A cross between an Arabian and Morgan.
Named after a vermont music teacher, Justin Morgan.
A well-know Norwegian breed of horse.
Named after a forest in England.
A beautiful russian breed named after a count.
A spanish breed whose name means 'Fine Pace'.
Similar to the paso fino, but from peru.
A french draft horse.
The foundation sire of this breed was a stallion named Black Hand.
An Arabian cross with a paint coat.
A smaller variation of the Quarter Horse.
This breed originated in Rhineland, Germany
A popular breed originating from Ireland that is used primarily for eventing and showjumping.
The national horse breed of Ireland.
A breed that was developed in Kentucky. They're usually silver dappled.
A very well-know breed of pony that comes from the Shetland Isles.
An english draft horse known for it's gentle temperament and athleticism.
A french breed known for it's outstanding jumping ability
A rare breed indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula.
Often called an endearing fat fellow, this is one of the oldest british breeds.
A popular trotting breed that used to pull carriages in olden days.
One of the most well-known breeds ever, this horse is dominating the racing industry.
An extinct breed that shared similar characteristics with the Konik.
Not a horse breed. A cross between a horse and a donkey.
A breed that was developed in Tennessee.
A warmblood developed in Trakehnen.
A section of the Welsh Pony Registry.
A section of the Welsh Pony Registry.
A section of the Welsh Pony Registry.
A section of the Welsh Pony Registry.
A section of the Welsh Pony Registry.
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