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QUIZ: Can you name the Phoenix Wright Characters by Quote?

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Forced Order
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'Watch out, OK! Just touching me will make you eternally unhappy!
'I set my ATM card's number to 0001 because I'm number 1!'
'Unable to find a rival worthy of my genius, I was forced to create one by myself! Here I am! The tragic clown...'
'Look at me when I'm talking to you, you 8-bit excuse for an attorney!'
'I am always abso-posi-lutely perfect!'
'Been swimming, lately?'
'Ah, yes, yes. I see. His banana-scented bandana.'
'Oui! W'iz you monsieur... everything feels right!'
'It's like, totally scary.'
'That earnest look shining brightly in your eyes...It must be true love!'
'It's the kids, you know. I didn't want to wreck their dreams.'
'Please have some lovely bitter green tea and jaw-dropingly large strawberry deserts.'
'A lawyer is someone who smiles no matter how bad it gets.'
'Pi-pi-pi-pigeon! P-Pretty pigeon!!'
'She taught me how to use a whip, and said that I must show you what I've learned...'
'That's MY endearing character trait'
'I like a man with a big... vocabulary.'
'Hold on a sec. I'm gonna consult myself, OK?'
'I was hoping to come up with a question while pounding on my desk. I didn't.'
'I'm counting on you my sweeties!'
'I leave the 'Wet Noodle' in your capable hands, sonny.'
'Dahlia. My girlfriend. My love. My Teen Angel.'
'By offering me something I already own, you're in effect eschewing the very basis of our consumer society, namely the principle of fair trade!'
'Ah... the days of my youth... like the scent of fresh lemon...'
'In West Clownadelphia, born and raised...'
'Yes. I was hanged. It wasn't exactly... pleasant.'
'Yes. Er... I mean... No, no, no, no, no, no!'
'Yes, there's this boyfriend, that boyfriend, and the other boyfriend... The position for 'yet another boyfriend' is still available.'
'You shouldn't judge things based on narrow minded cultural assumptions.'
'Indeed! Verily, I say ...Ergo!'
'You huffy, puffy, loosey-goosey excuse for a whimpering, whining wuss of a witness.'
'When there's gunshots, there's bound to be bullets.'
'At least we know whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.'
'Hey Max! What do you think Zimbabwe is like? Do you think there are castle made of cake, and bunnies who can talk...?'
'You let'em have it, Edgey-boy!'
'You think maybe my beans are under-roasted, but you have no idea gramps.'
'My whole life has been nothing but a whirlwind of bad luck and failures.
'You know, I got a 97 on my Science test the other day!'

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