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What movie did Dwight intend to go see in 'Phyllis's Wedding'?He saw Wedding Crashers instead
What rumor is spread about Andy in 'Gossip'?none
What is the name of the Diversity Today trainer in 'Diversity Day'?Michael does not believe him
Who does Michael not see outside Rockefeller Plaza in 'Valentines Day'?none
What actor does Michael think he sees in his condominium complex in 'New Leads'?Turns out its M.N Shulman
In what sport does Phyllis beat Kevin in 'Office Olympics'?It is Swedish
How much does Phyllis win by?(question 6)none
What gift game does Michael start in the middle of the gift swap in 'Christmas Party'?many diffrent names
What does Michael get Jo for a gift in 'St. Patrick's Day'? none
What does Michael find from the blood drive truck in 'Blood Drive'?It was a girls
What is Ryan's job?none
Which cat does Angela throw into the ceiling in 'Stress Relief'?none
What is the name of the purse saleswoman in 'Hot Girl'?none
What does Michael give 'Scott's Tots' instead of paying their tuition in 'Scott's Tots'?none
What does Michael use to frame Toby in 'Frame Toby'?none

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