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Who does Peter think everyone in Asian Town looks like?He is Chinese
What is Peter's restaurant called?House O' ________
Who does Stewie think is coming on his birthday?The doctor
What is the name of the song 'New Brian' sings to Peter?'Oh I like farts'
What group do Peter and Lois see in Las Vegas?Blue Man Group
What does Quagmire pay the caddie to say?Lucky Charms
What does Peter say about Ben Stiller's movies?no hint
What are the horses in the race named after?Fox
How does Connie make Chris cool?Beard and hair
What is the worst name in the universe?in Carter's opinion
In Da Boom what does the missile launch screen say? the y is a little off
Why does Peter start fighting the chicken?''I never take coupons from a Chicken''
What disease does Meg get from a guy at a Star Trek convention?''Its not a costume I have the__________''
What qualifies Stewie for the British Air Force?no hint
What is the first joke Peter says to Richard Dryfus?Close encounters of the third kind
Why does Peter grow a mustache? it is in Cleveland's mail
Why is Peter worshiped in If Im Dyin' I'm Lyin' Chris was dying
In the episode 'It Takes A village Idiot,and I married One' what does the bee pretend to be?'Free honey for everyone, YAY ________'
What does Peter find in the trash compactor in 'Blue Harvest'?'Who would throw away a ____'
Who does Quagmire see in the airport?Playboy

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