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Can you name the Doctor Who Villains?

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HintVillainClassic Series/New Series
Skaro scientistClassic/New
Created by a 9-year-old contest winnerNew
From DaemosClassic
Imprisoned near a black holeNew
Wears a raven as a hatClassic
He plays games and hates to loseClassic
'... of mine'New
Evil from the dawn of timeClassic
Adipose nannyNew
Likes the cold on satellite 5New
Mask-wearing robotocistClassic
Exists in the minds of its victims; appears as a snakeClassic
The Doctor's wily archenemy; Classic/New
Insane Time Lord trapped in antimatter universeClassic
His tower stands in the Death ZoneClassic/New
HintVillainClassic Series/New Series
An evil scientific genius; bent on research, not powerClassic
Talking baked potatoes, their weak spot is the probic ventClassic/New
A family of calcium-based creaturesNew
'Learned court prosecutor'Classic
Witch-like aliensNew
The last humanNew
On earth, they try to live in the deadNew
A composite speciesNew
Crab-like species, the 'scourge of this galaxy'Classic/New
Shape-shifters who lives on bloodNew
Beware, arachnophobesNew
Reptile-like humanoidsClassic/New
Shadows that melt the flesthNew
Lonely assassinsNew
Abominable snow-botClassic

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