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Can you name the Buffy, Angel, Firefly episodes written by Joss Whedon?

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ShowEpisode TitleEpisode Hint
Buffyit all started here.....
Buffyfruit punch mouth tries to escape his lair
BuffyBuffy dies for the first time
BuffyBuffy's back from summer vacation - and all is not well
BuffyBuffy has a friend named Ford?
BuffyJohn Ritter!
BuffyThe result of pre-martial sex with an ensouled vampire
Buffythe origin of Angelus
BuffyBuffy sends Angel to hell
BuffyBuffy works in a diner!
BuffyFirst appearace of the first
BuffyVamp Willow returns.....and is kinda gay.
BuffyThe Mayor ascends.....
Buffyand gets blown up
BuffyBuffy goes to college and meets Riley. Whedon fans are angry
BuffyNo words!
BuffyBuffy in faith and faith in Buffy
Buffycheese man!
ShowEpisode TitleEpisode Hint
BuffyFuture oscar nominee Amy Adams guest stars as Tara's cousin
BuffyBye-bye Joyce
BuffyBuffy dies - for the second time
Buffyeveryone's singing!
BuffySunnydale High: Part Deux
BuffyWe say goodbye to the slayer - at least until the comic came out
AngelMr. Broody arrives in L.A.
AngelFaith and Angel bond
AngelSummer Glau's first appearace in the 'verse
AngelLorne makes everyone things they're 17 again!
Angelthe law firm of Angel, Wes, Fred, Gunn and Lorne
Angelbye bye Fred
AngelThe good fight continues Angel season 6: the comic
Fireflylet's rob a locomotive!
Fireflyfuture Mad Men star Christina Hendricks!
Fireflycreepy assassin
Fireflythe story of how Mal assembles his team
FireflyKnox shows up on Firefly!

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