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David BoreanazVampire with a soul
Charisma CarpenterMIss Popular turned higher being
Glen QuinnConduit to the Powers That Be
Alexis DenisofRogue Demon Hunter
J. August RichardsTeam Angel's muscle
Amy AckerRescued from Pylea
Andy HallettThe Host
Vincent KartheiserHuman born to two vampires
James MarstersThe other vampire with a soul
Elizabeth Rohmskeptical detective
Mercedes McNaba secretary with bite
Christian Kanehandless lawyer
Stephanie Romanovwolfram & hart's femme fatale
Sarah Thompsonliason to the senior partners
Sam Andersonwolfram and hart upper management
Mark LutzPylean hero
Eliza DushkuSlayer with an attitude
Adam Baldwin2nd liason to the senior partners
Gerry Beckerwolfram and hart upper management
Julie Benzvampire who gave birth to a human
Juliet Landauvampire who is a little loony
Keith Szarabajkavampire hunter
Alexa Davalosshe's electric
Gina Torresshe brings love
David Denmandemon with a sense of humor
Jack Conleytrapped in a jar for centuries
Jenny Mollengirl with a hairy problem
Jonathan Woodwardwolfram & hart science specialist
Daniel Dae Kima lawyer who later became LOST
Vladimir Kulichhe blotted out the sun
Laurel Hollomantrying to avenge her sister
Leland Crookecircle of the black thorn member
Dennis Christophercircle of the black thorn member
Stacey Traviscircle of the black thorn member
Alec Newmanhe cannot tell a lie

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