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Can you name the team origins of all thirty Major League baseball team names?

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A fitting name, considering the fact that the team is made up of athletes. Well, at least they were until 2007...
After having a myriad of other names, this team got their permanent name in 1901 for the amount of young players they carried.
Several teams from this city also used this name, including one who was much more commonly known by a more stately name.
Taking the historical route, this team named itself after an older team from the 1880s, located in the same...metropolitan...area.
This was the name of this city's minor league team when they moved in, so they naturally adopted a father.
They got their name because of two cities that happen to be right by each other, like identical siblings...
Named after their original stadium's name, believe it or not.
This name was originally spelled with an 'f', before they replaced it with different letters of a similar sound.
Short for Red Stockings...but not an American League team. Also changed their name briefly during the McCarthy era.
In honor of Louis Sockalexis, a Penobscot who played for a horrible team in this same city in the 1890s.
Named after those foolish folks who tried to avoid trolleys trying to get to this team's earlier home in New York. The name stuck when they hitched out west.
This team's 1885 manager would always chant this about his team: 'My boys, my...[team name]!'
Another fan contest winner. This team went on to get stung in their division during their first ten seasons.
Upon this team's instatement, they assumed the name of a team that had played there from 1956 through 1992 in two different leagues.
This team was expected to take after their minor league team's name, but went with a more popular choice, leaving some sea.
Another franchise whose name got downsized--or, more appropriately, blown away--by sportswriters.
This team's owner in 1912 was a Tammany Hall chieftain.
This team's name was simply chosen by their fans. Crowned as World Series champions once in the 1980s, then got royally owned in the years since.
Won a name-the-team contest...although it is also a reptile indigenous to this state.
Name the Highlanders for a while, then changed their name to this more American name, used as a term for Northerners during the Civil War.
Another team whose name was the result of a fan contest. They flew high for a while from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s.
This was the name of the historic minor league team that played there for over 50 years. Also the literal translation of their city's name.
Several teams prior to this one held this nickname, which was quite fitting due to the mountainous region they are based in.
This was the name of the city's first team in 1878 and their second team in 1901...tradition just seems to brew well here.
The result of sportswriters needing a quicker and shorter way of saying 'stockings'.
Originally called the Wolverines, until a sportswriter noticed that their uniform colors resembled that of Princeton University, whose mascot is this.
This team got its name after pira--whoops, bootlegging--a star second baseman from their rival.
Named by an area sportswriter who took note of the team's red trim on their uniforms.
All other baseball teams (excluding one called the Terrapins) in this mid-Atlantic city had this nickname.
They assumed the name of this state's famous law enforcers upon moving here.

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