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What was the tribe with the green buffs called?
What was the tribe with the purple buffs called?
What was the tribe with the yellow buffs called?
What the merged tribe name?
What does the merged tribe name mean in the local language?
Which season had the most representatives?
What did Abi think Peihgee stole from her bag?
Which castaway was taken out of the game because of a family emergency?
Which castaway repeatedly told people to 'play the game'?
What was the nickname given to the alliance of Abi, Ciera, and Kelley
Who gave them that name?
Who broke Joe's immunity streak?
Who made it hard for Kelley to retrieve her second idol?
What was the advantage Stephen gained at an immunity challenge?
At the final 6 tribal council, who played their idol first?
From what season was the final four immunity challenge originally from?
Which contestant was banned from the reunion show?

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