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Name any of the 28 extant species of the genus: Naja. (Most of the Cobras!)

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Latin NameCommon Name
Naja arabica
Naja annulifera
Naja melanoleuca
Naja nigricinta
Naja senegalensis
Naja nigricollis
Naja philippinensis
Naja ashei
Naja kaouthia
Naja sumatrana
Naja haje
Naja nubiae
Naja atra
Naja annulata
Latin NameCommon Name
Naja anchieta
Naja katiensis
Naja sagittifera
Naja Naja
Naja sputatrix
Naja siamensis
Naja nivea
Naja oxiana
Naja mossambica
Naja mandalayensis
Naja christyi
Naja multifasciata
Naja samarensis
Naja pallida

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