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QUIZ: Can you name the Amendments to the Constitution?

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Forced Order
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Prohibits illegal search and seizure
Direct election of Senators
President limited to two full terms
Freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly
Electoral votes for District of Columbia
Protects right of the accused
Rights retained by the people
Abolished slavery
Prohibits cruel and unusual punishment
Limits changes to Congressional pay
Women's suffrage
Shortened 'Lame Duck' period
Gave citizenship to freed slaves
Powers given to the states
Right to bear arms
Created income tax
Voting age changed to 18
Repealed prohibition
Abolished poll tax
Trial by jury in civil cases
Abolished denying voting rights based on race, color, or previous condition
Federal courts may not hear cases against state governments from citizens of other states or countries
Sets rules for Presidential succession
Prohibits quartering of soldiers
President-Vice Presidential tickets
Right to speedy and public trial by jury

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