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What is the NATO phonetic letter for Y? 
Chiesa in Italian. Kirche in German. Iglesia in Spanish. What is this in English? 
Words such as alchemy, giraffe and saffron are thought to come from which language? 
Food & Drink
Bigos, pierogi and kielbasa are dishes from which European country? 
Which cocktail is defined by the IBA as 3 parts vodka, 6 parts tomato juice, and 1 part lemon juice? 
Himbasha, piedina and yufka are different types of what? 
Who scored Hull City's first ever Premier League goal? 
Peter Nicol and Jahangir Khan are famous names in which sport? 
Which player has the record for most NHL goals of all time? 
If Lake Maracaibo is discounted (it's a bay), what's the largest lake in South America? 
What's the capital city of South Sudan? 
Which country used to be known as New Holland? 
Vitruvian Man and Lady with an Ermine are works by which artist? 
Who painted the 'Dogs Playing Poker' series? 
Which painting was sneezed upon by Mr Bean in the 1997 movie 'Bean'? 
Which country's parliament is known as the Hrvatski Sabor? 
Who served as US president between January 1977 and January 1981? 
Which political party received the fourth most votes in the 2010 UK general election? 

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