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In which country are the cities of Amadora and Funchal? 
Madrid's antipode lies in which country? 
Aconcagua is the highest peak in which mountain range? 
Richard I, Henry III and Edward I were all born under which Royal house? 
What was the name of the first ever test-tube baby? 
Ronnie Biggs escaped from which London prison in 1965? 
Teams compete for the Stanley Cup in which sport? 
In international football, who is Argentina's all-time top goal scorer with 56? 
Hashim Amla and Andre Nel have represented which nation in cricket? 
Who wrote Lady Windermere's Fan and An Ideal Husband? 
'It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking 13' opens which famous novel? 
The White Rabbit, the Duchess and The Mock Turtle are characters in which 1865 novel? 
A becquerel is a measurement of what? 
Amylase and maltase are examples of what? 
Which rare metallic element is at the very bottom of Group 1 in the periodic table? 
What was ABBA's first UK #1 hit? 
'Sheer Heart Attack' and 'A Night at the Opera' were albums for which British band? 
How is Beethoven's 14th Piano Sonata (in C-sharp minor) more commonly known? 

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