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QUIZ: Can you name the Lord of the Rings, the journey to mordor?

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Who killed Sauron at the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring?
Where abouts in the shire does bilbo baggins live?
How many nazgul are there looking for the one ring?
Where does Frodo meet Aragorn son of arathorn
Frodo is stabbed by one on the Nazgul, but who takes him on their horse to rivendale?
Boromir is the son of the steward of which city?
What is the wood called where the fellowship stop to see galadriel?
What object did galdriel give to frodo?
Where does the urak hai intend to take merry and pippin too?
What promise did Sam make to Gandalf? (quote))
What Forest did Merry and Pippin crawl into to escape the urak kai?
Who leads Frodo and Sam to the Black gate
Where does King Theoden lead his people to?
What is Gandalf's horse called?
Who finds Frodo and Sam and takes them to Gondor?
Saruman creates an army with one single purpose, to destroy...
Where and when does Gandalf say to look for him
the Ents led by treebeard attack.....
What does Pippin see when he looks into the crystal ball
Who is the steward of Gondor
Who does Aragon, Legolas and Gimli ask to help them in the battle of middle-earth?
Where does Sauron attack towards the end of the Return of the King
What creature does Gollum lead Frodo to?
Who kills the leader of the Nazgul?
Who destroys the one ring?

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