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Key Terms
This happens when income is larger than expenditure
this happens when expenditure is larger than income
this is a percentage of a business owned by someone
When a business is ran and controlled by one person.
When a business has between two and twenty owners
This a company where the owners must be inside the business
This is a company where ANYONE can become an owner
This is when you can lose all your possessions if the business fails
This is when you can only lose your initial investment if the business fails.
This is the most successful Retailer in the UK.
Key Terms
This is anyone who is affected by the activities of a business
These are what businesses want to achieve
These are measurable outcomes a business wants
Type of ownership which can be ran by its workers
Ownership arrangement which allows a fee to be paid in return of allowing someone to trade under your name
This is monies paid to the government of the country
Political Party who run the country
These are the people who own shares in the country
This is a physical item sold by a business
This is something additional a business provides beyond the product

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