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QUIZ: Can you name the Answers to the Most Difficult Friends Quiz Ever?

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Forced Order
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'Friends' made its debut in which year?
Who thought Chandler was called Toby?
What was the name of Chandler and Ross' band in college?
What instrument did Ross want to play at Monica and Chandler's wedding?
Why did he want to play that instrument?
What is the first word spoken in the Pilot?
And Who said it?
Who did Ross kiss under the pile of coats on his bed in college?
What did Phoebe think her mum had reincarnated into?
One Friend never lived with Joey, Who was it?
What was Monica's imaginary boyfriend's name?
According to a sign in Joey's apartment, what odds does Five-Card Charlie pay?
Which episode was the only one to receive a 15 certificate?
Which volume of the Encyclopaedia does Joey buy? (Type 'Volume _ ')
What does Ross want to take from the Hotel desk in Vermont as He and Chandler are leaving?
What was the name of Ross and Monica's childhood dog?
What was the name of Chandler's roommate before Joey?
Which 'Friends' character got bitten by a peacock at the zoo?
What softball team do the 'Friends' finally beat?
How much did Rachel's parents spend on her wedding with Barry?
What part of New York do the 'Friends' live in?

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