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Can you name the people named George from A-Z?

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ClueFull NameLetter
Hall of Fame NFL coachA
41 or 43B
Mischievous fictional primate C
Piano player and synthesizer pioneer and singerD
Founder of KodakE
Wise fictional teacher from Boy Meets WorldF
American theater, Broadway and film producerG
One of The BeatlesH
American landscape painterI
Famous drug dealer depicted by Johnny DeppJ
Oscar winner from Cool Hand LukeK
Latino comedian with his own showL
Politician who lost in a landslide to NixonM
ClueFull NameLetter
Baby faced bankrobber, known for his youthful appearanceN
Author of 1984 and Animal FarmO
Famous WWII GeneralP
Artist known for his erotic imageryQ
Acclaimed zombie directorR
French artist known for pointillismS
Played Sulu on Star TrekT
Art-pop singer/songwriterU
Famous explorer of CanadaV
Fictional wizard/twinW
Mexican Television show host specialized in action sports and Mixed Martial Arts.X
NBA Hall of Fame Basketball PlayerY
CEO and founder of Men's WarehouseZ

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