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Can you name the Scotland or England??

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HintScotland or England?
A town called Scotch Corner
The Inventor of the telephone was born here
Paddington Station is located here
Archbishop of Canterbury is head of this nation's state church
Home to Rangers FC, one of the most successful league association football teams in the World
Has a town technically still at war with Russia
This country is to the north of Hadrian's Wall
Has over 790 islands
Is closer to Baku , capital of Azerbaijan (considering extreme Eastern settlement of the mainland)
The Mayflower sailed from a port in this region
HintScotland or England?
This nation's last FIFA World Cup was 1998
Has a Parliament in Holyrood
Eton School is placed in this country
Has a city onced named 'the Second City of the Empire'
Formed the Auld Alliance with France
Scafell Peak is the highest point in this country
An ape allegedly haunts Athelhampton House in this country
Home to the oldest working Post Office in the world
Home to the third oldest underground transit system worldwide

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