M Places (1845)

Name the places beginning with M from the descriptions (1845).

a town of S. America in Portuguese GuianaSouth America
a province of Turkey in EuropeEurope
a city of France, cap. of the dep. of Saône-et-LoireEurope
the capital of Spain; the largest and finest town in the kingdomEurope
a large river of Colombia; the cacao or chocolate tree grows abundantly on its banksSouth America
a lake lying partly between Piedmont and Lombardy and partly within the canton of Tesin in SwitzerlandEurope
one of the United States of America; the most northerly and most easterly state in the UnionNorth America
a province on the west coast of Southern Hindostan, lying between those of Canara and CochinAsia
a city of Spain in Granada with two castles and a good harbourEurope
a fortified sea-port town of the Banda OrientalSouth America
a strongly fortified sea-port town of Sweden; on the SoundEurope
a town of Naples in Capitanata with a castle and a good harbourEurope
a sea-port town of Hindostan; capital of CanaraAsia
a town of some celebrity in Asiatic Turkey; one of the neatest towns of Asia MinorAsia
the northwest province of the government of CaracasSouth America
five islands in the Pacific Ocean named Christina, Magdalena, Dominica, San Pedro and HoodOceania
a city and sea-port of Sicily; indebted for its importance in modern times to its wine tradeEurope
one of the Windward Islands in the W. Indies belonging to FranceNorth America
one of the United States of America; the principal town is BaltimoreNorth America
a sea-port town of Cuba; one of the most capacious and safe ports in the W. IndiesNorth America
a city and the capital of Arabia DesertaAsia
a town of Arabia Deserta famous for the tomb of MohammedAsia
a city and the capital of Cujo; at the foot of the AndesSouth America
a province of Venezuela; a mountainous countrySouth America
a city of France, capital of the department of MoselleEurope
the largest of the Philippine Islands next to LuzonAsia
one of the Philippine Islands, full of mountainsAsia
a town of Russian Poland, capital of a provinceEurope
a small desert island near the south coast of NewfoundlandNorth America
a large river of Louisiana; it flows upwards of 2,000 miles in a flexous ESE direction to the MississippiNorth America
a river of Alabama formed by the junction of the Tombeckbee and the AlabamaNorth America
a county of Naples lying between Terra di Lavoro, Abruzzo Citra, Capitanata and Principato UltraEurope
a strong sea-port of Italy, cap. of a small principalityEurope
a large tract of country in the northeast part o Asia belonging to ChinaAsia
a city of Lower Canada, next in rank to QuebecNorth America
one of the British W. India islands; about 12 miles long by 5 broadNorth America
a town of Austrian Italy in the Milanese; it was the seat of government during the time of the Lombard KingdomEurope
an important province of the Austrian Empire; it is a mountainous countryEurope
a maritime dep. of France including part of the old province of BrittanyEurope
a city, capital of a government of Russia of the same name; the largest city in EuropeEurope
a river that rises in the east part of France in the Vosges Mountains and passes through the south part of Rhenish PrussiaEurope
a bay on the south coast of the Cape territoryAfrica
a town of European Turkey, pach. BosniaEurope
a city of Asiatic Turkey, pach. of BaghdadAsia
a province of Charcas between the frontiers of Peru and BrazilSouth America
a kingdom of the coast of Caffraria, opposite MadagascarAfrica
a city of the Prussian States, cap. prov. WestphaliaEurope
a province of the south of Spain; one of the most barren districts of SpainEurope
a city and sea-port of Arabia, prov. OmanAsia
a large province of Southern Hindostan; in the forests are many elephants and tigersAsia

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