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Can you name all the Fallout: New Vegas categories?

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Minor Faction
Vegas Family
Other Factions
Casino (DLC)
Human Hostiles
Human Hostiles (DLC)
'Life has a way of punishing you for the mistakes you make.' 
'Great. Thanks. Thank you. I'll encourage people to name their non-ugly children after you. Seriously.' 
'Oh, good. Now there's an army of robots. You don't do things by halves, do you, boss?' 
'What's the matter, dearie? Afraid grandma will embarrass you in front of your little friends?' 
'I'm really very boring. You’d get better stories out of a Freeside junkie.' 
'They try to put their stake in everything they see. Nobody's d**k's that long, not even Long D**k Johnson, and he had a f**king long d**k. Thus, the name.' 
'Eyebot Duraframe Subject E is both the prototype and the last functional model.' 
'Second, he doesn't like hats, or the people wearing them. Don't ask, I have no idea why. Maybe because it rhymes with rats.' 
Companion (DLC)
'Used to open in Paris. Paris. Now this.' 
'The quick... the quick scribe... jumped over the lazy paladin.' 
'Where is Master? Did he go away? ___ will be good this time.' 
'_______ _____ is my name. I am midwife to the Sorrows. It sounds ill-omened, no? 'Midwife to sorrows.'' 
'Why do you carry all those bottlecaps, anyway? They jangle like crazy.' 
'I have been baptized twice, once in water, once in flame. I will carry the fire of the holy spirit inside until I stand before my Lord for judgement.' 
Radio Station
Radio Station (DLC)
Addictive Chems
Non-Addictive Chems
Snow Globe
Snow Globe (DLC)
Skill Magazine
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