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HintAnswerMore info
Combo for days, 12%Rip F-air Train
Are you OK?
Strongest F-smash Blue, but usually Green
Fastest Character in the gamesUp-B to anything
Tax evaderRIP Black Skin
Charge B for different types of thunderFire Emblem
The opponent is playing the game with 2 stocksBecause Down-B
The suck and cuckBack-Air spike
Down-B is the new LimitJab into F-smash
De-syncRegrabs banned
I'm better without armorThis roll is really crap
Woops, I pooped a grenadeUp-tilt
Beware the Can
Witch SlayerBring back my JP VA
Kills Pichu at 0%DORIYAH!
Spam Smash attacks to winRed, Blue, Yellow
Consistently good character but not top tierSide-B ground to smash attack
Projectiles combo into F-airHe need some milk!
OKOnline Top Tier
Plant Gang
Tech chasing 101Nair->Up smash
Charge B to win HR ContestHilt
1,000 IQ plays only
HintAnswerMore info
'Not' another sword character
Counter can spikeRIP Footstool combos
Lightning Kick!Original Waifu
Dex No 25Lightning loops
SnekOnline Top Tier
Dragon CounterPin
Mii Gunner
Crouch to TauntBig Hammer
SkewerLighter than Samus lol
2 songs allowedGreen sword swing
The people's champUp-tilt spikes
Best neutral B in the gameIt makes any combo invalid
6 Up-AirsBrawl PTSD
Fruit FootsiesZero
Up-B the safest move in the game!9
Spin to WinDown Throw grounds
Cargo Throw3 spikes
Colorful BombsThe weakest link
Charged back throw kills sub 20%time that side-b
Side-B,Up-B, Side-B, jump,Side-B,Side-B, Up-BUsed to be boring, actually hype now
Fishing PoleStop sign
My tail is a swordHurtbox big af RIP
Special cancel AerialsBeware single hit moves
HintAnswerMore info
Frame 1 JabWhy they nerf the boobs?
Forward AerialUp air for days
Special moves onlyDown air combos into up-B
Drag down Combos, also can grow wings*Back-air sounds intensify*
Eya-Eh! 6 jumps
Immune to JabDown-B to break shield
'Buff' MarthN-Air
My arrows are blueHIGHYAYAYYA
Fat Back-airSleeps 2 turns to restore HP
That Up-smash be scoopingF-tilt 2-frames
Wonder Wing
Frame 1 Down-B with iFramesDown B to help Recover
Worst projectile in the game'8 different characters'
Ya YEETDown air spikes now...
Side B= neutral gameDeforestation at its finest
Everything is a projectile, even F-smashI beat Leo at Evo lol
The more I'm behind the more I'm AheadWATCH THE POWER!
Smash is an RPG'Just Shield'
FeatherweightF-tilt PTSD
Side-B off stage to assert dominanceF-smash iframes
Grab at 0%Side-B RNG
Lunar LandingMeta is being Solo pushed by Dabuz
Up-Tilt combo startHitstun laser

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