Psych Ultimate Fan (Psych-O) Test

Psych Ultimate Fan (Psych-O) Test

Shawn, on multiple occasions, tries to steal Chief Vick's
In 'Cloudy, with a chance of murder' Gus has to give Hornstock his?
Shawn's favorite football team (sweatshirt and player reference)
Lassie's neighbors file complaints because Lassie hunts?
Shawn's ringtone when he and Abigail breakup
Shawn and Gus play this Kenny G song when they capture the criminal in 'Shawn Interrupted'
Shawn's alter-ego
Gus predominantly worked for
'The extra T is for…'
Lassie killed him in 'Late Night Gus'
Shawn and Gus got to flick each other in the ear if either of them started to believe the _____theory
In 'Let's Doo-Wop It Again', Gus knew something was wrong when Shawn said over the phone that he was ___% sure
Shawn suggests 'Burton the ____ ___' as a possible nickname for Gus
In 'The Polarizing Express' Shawn watches Gus's life as a sitcom, what was the name of the sitcom?
There is a hidden one of these in every episode?
Shawn has a fear of what animal?
Shawn also has a fear of?
Juliet O'Hara is introduced in episode number __
Carlton Lassiter is introduced in episode number ___?
In 'Weekend Warriors' what war is being reenacted?
Shawn's mom is played by
Gus uses what when he massages football players?
Shawn and Gus disguise themselves as doctors, Shawn calls Gus his personal candy striper, Nik Nak, from what country?
Gus sometimes refers to himself as the '___ of secrets'
In 'American Duos' Shawn and Gus sing what A-ha song in the first round?
What Tears For Fears song do they sing in the finals (refer to #22)?
In the musical, what part is Gus in the play?
On of Gus's nicknames is Schoonie _____ Singleton
Psych is filmed in what city?
What was Abigail's job?
What country does Abigail visit?
In 'Mr. Yin Presents' who's movies does Mr. Yang use?
In 'Ghosts' who is causing the disturbances at Gus's boss's house?
Where is the Santa's village that the crew visits?
Mira's fiance's name was?
What is the first name of the man who helps out on the YinYang cases?
In'Dead Man's Curve Ball' Gus gets what job?
Shawn and Gus travel to London because what organization wanted to see them (Hint: movies)
In order to get into the lodge, one must know the secret ___?
In high school Gus was the____ _____?
In 'This Episode Sucks' Gus freezes because Shawn squirts this on his shirt?
The Blueberry is made by who?
In a flashback, Shawn cheats when he is playing Gus in what board game?
What position does Shawn play for the SBPD softball team?
What is the name of the episode where Shawn is shot and taken?
In 'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead!' the crew goes?
What is the name of the twice-battered-four-cheese fries?
In 'The Polarizing Express' Shawn goes to see Juliet's life, and she is dating who?
In 'We'd Like to Thank the Academy' who plays the teacher and Lassie's nemesis?
'I've heard it…'
In their first encounter with YinYang, the crew finds out through a clue that Gus is a?
Which describes a person who is a ____ enthusiast (refer to above))?
This clue is found on the floor of the rat cage on what?
'Dual Spires' is a homage to what cult TV series?
In 'Shawn 2.0' who is the criminal profiler who is introduced?
In 'Shawn Rescues Darth Vader' Shawn sneaks into an ambassador of what country's house to retrieve a Darth Vader action figure?
In 'Any Given Friday Night at 10pm, 9pm Central' what number does Shawn wear when he is on the team?
What number is on the football jersey that Shawn wears when he is with Lassie and Jules, before he is on the team (refer to above for episode)?
In 'This Episode Sucks' Gus dresses up as who?
In 'True Grits' who plays the wrongly accused chef who seeks Shawn and Gus's help?
Gus does what type of dance?
In 'If You're So Smart Then Why Are You Dead' Shawn and Gus teach what class?
In the series finale 'The Break-up' what city do Shawn and Gus go to?
In 'The Break-Up' Shawn does what to Juliet?
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  • If you can get 45+ then you can consider yourself a true Psycho.
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Last Updated: Dec 17, 2022

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