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Can you name the Mythical Creatures of the World??

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1. ___foot.
2. The #1 of the Himalayas.
3.The #1 of Australia.
4. Sea Serpent of Scotland.
5. Canadian #4.
6. The #4 of Lake Champlain.
7. Winged Horse of Greek Mythology.
8. 3-Headed 'pooch' of the Underworld.
9. Cross of a lion and an eagle.
10. 'He screams like a ________!' These creatures' cries are said to occur when someone is about to die, and they are rarely ever seen.
11. Undead creepers whos origins are based in Egypt.
12. The living dead.
13. Sunlight is deadly to them and they can't be seen in mirrors.
14. A shade of a once-living person.
15. Human that transforms to a wolf.
16. The #13 of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
17. A worm that lives in the Gobi Desert.
18. Native American bird possesing immense power and strength.
19. Extraterrestrial beings.
20. The blood-sucking beast-dog.
21. A humanoid reptile with a human body with a frog face.
22. A legondary cat in Africa that is a cross between a lion and a leopard, while being deadlier than both. (A liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger)
23. A beautiful serpentine maiden.
24. Horse + Human
25. Son of King Minos. Lived in a Labyrinth.
26. A sea monster hidden under the surface of the water, sucking the water and everything near her in, creating a tremendous whirpool.
27. #26's 'partner-in-crime.'
28. One-eyed monster.
29. Half horse, half fish that supposedly pulled Poseidon's chariot.
30. The legendary sea squid of Norway
31. Thetis, mother of Achilles, was a ________.
32. A horned horse.
33. Humans that transform into seals.
34. The Tree of Life in Norse mythology.
35. The serpent/dragon counter-part of #34.
36. Colossal men.
37. Small, extremely hairy, bearded men.

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