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Can you name the novels, plays, or poems that these (Google translated quotes) come from?

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''... Only one thing but to talk, not even bad.''
'Sea-green mucus Tuesday testicular tight .. ''
'. . . Months of observation at night, my news, but the nature of artificial ventilation and to relax and shelter.'
'Dursley crazy! Home: You! .'
'2 2 4 for liberty and freedom have something to eat.'
'I think if something is. If you do this, you will start to lose it all.'
''Participation in local ball Fatto'
Danish Government to Combat Corruption and left.'
'We believe the outlook for natural selection of experience day per hour or less in the world.'
'Damn, my mother and father.'
'So what.'
'My mother is dead. Or tomorrow, I do not know. I have a message: his mother. Funeral tomorrow. You are in effect. ''
'I am a patient man. Men, handsome men, ugly men. I think it is difficult and painful.'
QuoteText/AuthorOriginal Quote
'I need a hot bath is not fun, but I do not know.'
'God heard! .'
'If you are looking for Parfait, never satisfied.'
'The Sun is shining, it is as an alternative to something new.'
'One of the reasons why children are full growth;'
'Is really aware of the person who has a lot of luck, it should be without women.'
I know, I know, not because he was in London. I like the Bible, it says that we can do something about it.'
'Geligaoersamusha wakes up in his bed one morning from uneasy dreams nasty parasites.'
'Because many of the water Street, but recently pulled out of the country and very well met, slide 40 feet or so to Hallberg lizards as the elephant of cement.'
'For foreign country: they do things differently.'
'Anyone who has studied the RANDONNÉE is lost.'
'It was inevitable, as standard, even in the clearing house.'

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