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How many countries are there in central Asia ending with the letters 'stan'?
Cork, Galway and Limerick are all cities in what island country?
How many witches does Macbeth encounter in Shakespeare's play of the same name?
In what organ of the body are enzymes produced?
What does AU stand for when measuring the distance between the sun and given planets?
In the Bible, who was swallowed by a gigantic fish?
The song 'We are Siamese' comes from which Disney film?
Apart from the Godfather: Part II, what is the only film to star both Robert De Niro and Al Pacino?
Le Chifre is the name of the villian in which James Bond film?
Farsi is another name for what language?
Plague and Wrath is the name of the first chapter in which epic poem?
In what country will the 2018 winter olympics take place?
Surtsey is a volcanic island located off the coast of what country?
The thistle is the symbol of which constituent country of the UK?
How many books are in the 'Series of unfortunate events' series by Lemony Snicker?

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