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What war Hardy's first name in 'Laurel and Hardy'?
Which king of England was known as Lionheart?
What is the most widely spoken language in Pakistan?
Who has written the music for the films Gladiator and Dunkirk?
Who played Professor Mcgonagal in the Harry Potter series?
Who hosts the BBC TV series 'The Apprentice'?
Who wrote the poem 'Funeral Blues'?
Which European capital city is nicknamed the city of seven hills?
What is the name of the Jewish money lender who makes a deal for 'a pound of flesh' in Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice'
What is the collective noun for owls?
Who painted 'The School of Athens'?
Which Russian scientist is credited with developing the Periodic table?
What is the fourth book of the Old Testament?
From what country does the current Secretary General of the UN come?
Which Australian soap opera is set at Summer Bay?

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