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Can you pick the character played by the follwing Game of Thrones cast members when given some if their other films/TV credits?

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Forced Order
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Death at a Funeral (Peter) and Elf (Miles Finch)
300 (Queen Gorgo) and The Brothers Grimm (Angelika)
V for vendetta (Lewis Prothero) and Endeavour (Inspector Thursday)
Rush (Nurse Gemma) and Hunger Games Mockingjay (Cressinda)
Lord of the Rings (Boromir) and Ronin (Spence)
Troy (Triopas) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Walter Donovan)
Atonement (Frank Mace) and Cinderella (Captain)
Phantom of the Opera (Ferrmin) and The Sum of all Fears (President)
Calvary (Dr Hart) and The Wire (Council man Tommy)
Vanilla Sky (Edmund Ventura) and Charlie and the chocolate factory (Mr Bucket)
Captain America (Tower Keeper) and Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (August Filch)
Philomena (Sally) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (Mrs Grainger)
On her Majestys Secret Service (Tracy) and The Painted Vale (Mother Superior)
Ghostbusters (Harold Filmer) and The Imitation Game (Commander)
Resident Evil (Dr Isaacs) and Lara Croft (Powell)
Thin Blue Line (DC Garry Boyle) and Robin Hood (Friar Tuck)
The Illusionist (Herr Dobler) and Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix (Bob)
Dracula Untold (Ingeras) and San Andreas (Olly)
Suits (Edward Derby) and Whatever Works(Brockman)
Layer Cake (Gazza) and The Dark Knight (Stryver)

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