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Can you name all of the characters (obscure and known) from Game of Thrones, with the help of the following clues?

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Head of house Stark
His wife
His heir
His son
His daughter
Illegitimate son
Maester of winterfell
widling they aquaint
man who carries disabled son
master of arms
His son
Lord of last heart
Allied head of Karstark family
Elderly advisor who looks after children
Boy who also has the sight
His sister
Wife of heir to Winterfell
Boy who gives youngest daughter bread in the shape of a wolf
His friend/asks to be carried
Valar Morghulis
Daughters dance instructor
Head of house Arryn/Hand of the king
His wife
His son
Keeper of sky cells at the Eyrie
Head of house Lannister
His brother
Heir to Casterly rock
His twin
Her brother
Son (heir to the throne)
His brother
His sister
Cousin/member of sparrows
Squire to king
Master of coin
Master of whisperers
Grand Maester
The hound
The mountain
Squire of dwarf
Won victory by combat at the eyrie
Defeated by above in trial by combat at the eyrie
Lover of man called dwarf
Member of kings guard
Head priest in Kings landing
Leader of sparrows
Head of kings guard sent to nights watch
Head of house Baratheon/King
Illegitimate son
Brother (older)
Brother (younger)
Daughter of older brother
Her mother
The red woman
Maester at dragonstone
Onion knight
His son
Head of house Tyrell
Head of house Bolton
Illegitimate son
His prostitute/pushed from a balcony
Maester/expelled from citadel
Close ally/cuts off Kingslayers hand
Head of house Greyjoy
Heir to Pyke
Brother/Stark prisoner
Head of house Tully
Temporary lord of Riverrun
Head of house Frey
His wife
Son/Sent to negotiate with Robb pre Red wedding
Illigitimate son/Sent to negotiate with Robb pre Red wedding
Prisoner of Freys
Lord commander of nights watch
Maester of Castle black
Temporary commander of nights watch (series 4)
Member of nights watch/helped youngest Stark girl
Member of nights watch/likes to read
His father/lives in the reach
Member of nights watch/betrays illegitimate Stark son
Member of nights watch/asks fellow watcher to kill him to gain trust of wildlings
Member of nights watch
Member of nights watch
Member of nights watch
Wildling/lots of daughters
One of his daughters
Head of the wildlings
Female wildling/in love with watcher
Lord of bones
Leader of wildlings expedition over the wall
Head of house Targaeryaen
His younger sister
Her closest advisor
Magister of Pentos
Former commander of city watch
Dotraki leader
Member of the 13
Member of the 13
Masked woman in Qarth
Member of the 13
Slave leader in Astapor
Smart slave translator
Commander of the unsullied
Helps unsullied into yunkai
Member of house Martell/judge during the trial
his wife
Prince of Dorne
Member of brotherhood
Member of brotherhood
Clever prostitute
Brotherhood member/ from myr
Brotherhood member/ resurrected

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