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LyricSong Name
He spoke to me, I took his flute
Though the night went swirling and whirling, I remember her whispering yet
I need a dump truck mama to unload my head
At dawn my lover comes to me and tells me of her dreams
Now, if someone offers me a joke I just say no thanks
Oh, I awoke in anger, so alone and terrified
But he's badly built, he walks on stilts, watch out he don't fall on you
We got hit with a tear gas bomb, don't even know why we come
But if the arrow is straight, and the point it is slick
The camouflaged parrot, he flutters from fear
LyricSong Name
It don't even matter who you'll be waking with tomorrow
And I covered her up and then thought I'd go look through her drawer
No gratitude or love, your loyalty is not to me
The wind knocks my winds, the room it is wet
So I hocked my sailors suit, and got a coin to flip
My children are grown, but I was raised by another
The conductor, he's still stuck on the line
And he wouldn't harm a life that belonged to someone else
Well, I'm living in a foreign country but I'm bound to cross the line
Now all the authorities, they just stand around and boast

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