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NamesakeStateFrom which word
Chiwere for 'Flattened water'
Dakota, possibly for 'Sleepy ones'
Named for the Queen of England from 1625-1649
Spanish for 'Mountain'
Ojibwe for 'Great river'
Choctaw for 'Plant-cutters'
Either Basque for 'Good oak', O'odham for 'Having a little spring' or Spanish for 'Arid zone'
Spanish for 'Snow-covered'
Algonquian for
Possibly Plains Apache for 'enemy'
Latin for 'Land of the Indians'
Sioux for 'Ally' or 'Friend'
Latin Feminine form of the King of Great Britain from 1727-1760
Either Connecticut Pidgin for 'Beautiful', a French mistranscription for the Wisconsin River or Chinook for
Named for the first President of the United States
Name of the Sun King of France
Algonquian for 'At the great hill' on plural
NamesakeStateFrom which word
Eastern Algonquian for 'At the long river'
Munsee Delaware for 'At the big river flat'
Either from the English 'Mainland', French province of the same name or after an English village in the state.
Miami for 'It lies red'
Named for the state it originally was a part of
Named for the Kaw tribe, whose name may have a connection to the wind
French for 'Green mountain'
Seneca for 'Large creek'
Many different suggestions. Possibly named for the fictional island of the same name in 'Las Sergas deEsplandián'
Name of an English baron, whose name possibly was Norman French for 'of the war'
Western Apache for 'High'
Either Dutch for Red or name for Greek island of a similar name
Iroquian for
Dakota for 'Cloudy water'
After an English county of the same name
Hawiian, possibly for 'Land of the gods'
Very likely from the old Norse name of 'Geirr's Island'
From Nahuatl. Meaning is unknown, possibly a God or meaning 'Bavel of the Moon'
Name of a Cherokee village, unknown meaning
Michigan for 'Large water'
Illinois for 'Dugout canoe'
Spanish for 'Reddish'

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