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QUIZ: Can you name the song title based on the previous lyrics?

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LyricsSong TitleArtist
Wastin' away again in _____
To kill the first-born pharaoh's son, I'm _____
I know all the rules, but the rules did not know me, _____
Shakedown, _____
Make sure to build your home _____ or the wolf's gonna blow it down.
We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely, and all I gotta do is _____
I will wait for this _____ when our lips collide
He's the one they call _____ he's the one that makes you feel alright
Please just don't play with me, _____ will bleed
_____ in a white plight, won't you fill up the tank, let's go for a ride
LyricsSong TitleArtist
If there's no one beside, when your soul embarks, _____
I came here to make you dance tonight. I don't care if I'm a _____ for you
_____ it's a gas
Cuz I gotta have _____. I gotta have _____. I gotta have _____, _____, _____.
Sometimes I still feel I'm _____
Now _____. Into shape. Shape it up
_____ ba doobie da bop.
Here we are now, with the fallen skies, and the rain. We're _____
Bang your head! _____'ll drive you mad
_____ was what they said. You know I was better off dead.

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