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Can you name the celebrity by their Mad Gab card?

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Group 1
Hal In Knifers Hun 
Shake Key Low Kneel 
Moo Hammer Dolly 
Joan Hay Myth 
Day Fed Peck Calm 
Group 1 theme 
Group 2
Shade Hap Ink Its Myth 
Wheel Fair El 
Send Drab Hull Hock 
Toe Beam Hack Wire 
Peat Urge Axe On 
Group 2 theme 
Group 3
Elf Fish Coast Hello 
Knell Leaf Hurt Ad Doe 
Lie Summon Alley 
Hen Reek Hay He Clay See As 
Wet Knee Ewes Ten 
Group 3 theme 
Group 4
Spy Term Han 
Wand Her Womb Hen 
Oz Temp Hours 
Rap Hun Sell 
Mare Reap Hop Inns 
Group 4 theme 
Group 5
The Odor Rows Of Felt 
Run Held Ray Gun 
Prints Jar Else 
Elects Hand Earthy Crate 
Root Each Julie Ah Knee 
Group 5 theme 

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Tags:Celebrity Quiz, gab, mad

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