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Can you name the facts about George Harrison?

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Mother's name
Father's name
Date of birth
Address at birth
Brother's name
Brother's name
Sister's name
Primary school he attended
Secondary school he attended
Year he got his first guitar
How much it cost (UK currency)
Where he met Paul McCartney
He was kicked out of this club for being underage
He was deported from this country for being underage
He got a black eye from an angry crowd at this venue
He hitchhiked to the south coast with this person in 1954
The first band he was in
The second band he was in
The third band he was in
The fourth (and arguably most famous) band he was in
The group he was in with Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison
The first song he ever wrote
Instruments he played in said bands
His first wife's name
Where he met her
When they married
What they named their house
Who she left him for
City in India that influenced his spirituality
He contracted this in 1969; cancelling concert dates
What he named the second estate he bought
His second wife's name
Where he met her
When they married
Their son's name
His eventual religon
Friend who taught him to play Sitar
His first solo album
How many solo albums did he make?
What was his first #1 song?
He became a producer for what British comedy troop?
His autobiography is dedicated to...
In 1999 he was stabbed by...
His favorite hobby since he was a child
Year he started vegetarianism
He organized a charity concert for this nation
Pseudonym he used for several albums
Cause of death
Date of death

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