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QUIZ: Can you name the APES Chapter 16?

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can harm the environment in a number of ways
can be blown or deposited elsewhere by wind or water erosion
when rainwater seeping through a mine or mine wastes carries sulfuric acid to nearby streams and groundwater
contains desired metal
waste material
removing the gangue from ores produces piles of wastes called
used to separate metal from other elements in ore material
percentage of metal content
cheap enough to allow mining companies to level entire mountains containing low-grade gold ore
including the cost of environmental harm done in the price of goods made from minerals
when a mineral costs more to find, extract, transport and process the remaining deposit than it is worth
how long it takes to use up a certain proportion of the reserves of a mineral at a given rate of use
the usable amount of high-quality energy available from a given quantity of a resource
inexhaustible solar energy
84% of the commercial energy consumed in the world comes from ____________ energy sources

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