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What Is Shawn's Mom's Name?
Gus' Nose Is Named What?
Early In His Life What Was Shawn's Cat Named
Shawn's Process Usually Starts With?
Ends With?
And If There Is Time In Between?
In 'Six Feet Under The Sea' What Is One Of Gus' Names
Mr. Yin Is Mr. Yang's.......
Where Was Juliet Transferred From?
In 'Round The Stretch Comes Murder' What Is Gus And Shawn's Classmate Named?
What Is Gus' Sister Named?
What Is The Name Of Gus' College A Capella Group Called?
In 'American Duos' What Is Gus' Stage Name?
Who Plays Chief Vick's Sister In 'There Might Be Blood'?
What Is The Fruit Featured In Every Episode Of Psych?
Where Is The Show Set In?
What Movie Did Dule Hill Star In Before Psych?
What Band Performs The Psych Theme Song?

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