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Can you name the Pokémon given the broken up hints?

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First PartPokémonSecond Part
Bass or Treble, eg.Breezy; Lively
Early moisturePercussive instrument
Pertaining to aircraftFinger or toe
Insect of the family ApidaeCommon DeWalt product
Prestigious college leagueDino___
Fine debris'Taming of the ___'
Gaseous substanceLong period of time
Strike; JoltSpanish for two
Speed Racer's '____ 5'Electrical current, abbr.
'__ or __ not, there is no try'Ike and Tina, eg.
He-__What Lee dropped off
Repulsive; HorridFeather
'___ing Pains'Agile; Slim
Staff symbolCain's brother
'I can't believe it's not ___!'Gratis
Swift___ Ketchum
'What is it good for?'Reptile of the order Testudines
First PartPokémonSecond Part
ShockMultiple eras
'No __ Bond, I expect you to die!'Actor who refrains from speaking
2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, eg.Arthropoid mammal
Grind; Rub (often on wood)Punctuation symbol
Mediterranean, eg.Lear or Kong, eg.
What seven ateOften tall or fairy
Pokémon no. 151Derivative of 2x
TorpidProd; Push
'Girl With the ___ Tattoo'Atmosphere
Eastern European currencyReligious denomination
Nonspecific articleWomen's undergarment
Northernmost OceanCard game
To provide foodLemon Meringue, eg.
SI unitSphere
What Stanley Yelnats did at campAsh, Brock and Misty, eg.
Bouncy'The Magic Dragon'
What one does with nostrilsCommon preposition

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