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The Savior
Can't Keep a Secret
Holds a Killer Grudge
Heart of the Truest Believer
Magic Hat
Mad Hatter's Daughter
Elderly Woman
Girl with Wolf Trouble
Cranky Little Man
Leader of Good Magic
Made of Wood
Loved the Evil Queen
Betrothed to Prince Charming
Turned into Gold
Famous Knight
Warrior Princess
Slept for a Very Long Time
Loves a Sleeping Princess
Evil Queen's Mother
Evil Queen's Father
Stable Boy
Main Fairytale Villain/Male
The Dark One's Love
Belle's Father
Belle's Mother
Betrothed to Belle
Mistreated Stepdaughter/Maid
Found his Love with a Glass Slipper
Mistreated Stepdaughter/Maid's Daughter
Lost Brother
Lost Sister
Lost Father
Loves Wolves/Fell in Love with the Savior
Charming's Pretend Father/Evil King/Lawyer
Turns Everything into Gold
Evil Queen's Friend
The Dark One's Son/Henry's Father
Snow's Father
Snow's Mother
Pink Fairy
Gingerbread House Owner
Loved and Killed by a Wolf
Charming's Mother
One-Handed Pirate
Storybrooke Doctor
Storybrooke Nurse
Smart Dwarf
Tired Dwarf
Sick Dwarf
Shy Dwarf
Joyful Dwarf
Silly Dwarf
Sneaky Dwarf/Killed
The Dark One's Wife/Hook's True Love
Ruby's Love Interest
Ruby's Mother
Stranger with a Storybrooke Past
Lost Father of Stranger
Neal's Fiancee
Captain Hook's Assistant
The Last Giant
Honorable Thief
Father of the Family Baelfire Joins in London
Mother of the Family Baelfire Joins in London
Sister of the Family Baelfire Joins in London
Older Brother of the Family Baelfire Joins in London
Younger Brother of the Family Baelfire Joins in London
Original Dark One
Robin Hood's Enemy
Dark Figure that Steals Children
Group that Kidnap Baelfire in Neverland
Baelfire's Childhood Friend
Magical Healer in Hong Kong
Famous Beanstalk Climber
Therapist's Dog
Cinderella's Father-In-Law
Big Time Smoker in Wonderland
Storybrooke Doctor's Assistant
Storybrooke Doctor's Brother
Storybrooke Doctor's Father
Dead Prince/Twin Brother
Tells Future
Last Giant's Dead Brother
Last Giant's Dead Brother/Killed Famous Beanstalk Climber
Queen Eva and Snow White's Maid
King Who Locked Up the Miller's Daughter
Robin Hood's True Love
Soul Sucker
Neverland Leader
Sea Witch
Mermaid's True Love
Naughty Fairy
Devoted Neverland Resident
One-Handed Pirate's Brother
Green with Envy/Jealous Sister
Magician Under a Spell
Good Witch
Missing Brain
Honorable Thief's Big Assistant
Honorable Theif's Son
True Love Couple's Baby
Jealous Sister's Deadbeat Dad
Thief from Wonderland
Queen of Arrendelle
Princess of Arrendelle
Royal Ice Man
Murderous Prince of the Southern Isles
Forgotten Icy Royal Aunt
Forgotten Royal Aunt - Deceased
Former Queen of Arrendelle
Leader of Rock Family
'Weasel Town' Resident
Greatest Magical Assistant
Magical Loan Shark
Legendary Pirate
Sea Witch's Father
Murderous Woman Who Loves Fur
Sought After Writer
Dog Training Mother
Sleeping Princess's Father
Sleeping Princess's Mother
Master of All Light Magic
King of Camelot
Queen of Camelot
Teenage Camelot Crush
Murderous Knight of the Round Table
Loyal Knight of the Round Table
Scottish Archer
Scottish Archer's Mother
Scottish Archer's Father
Turns People into Bears
One-Handed Pirate's Father
First Dark One
Evil Man Searching for Holy Grail
Child Born of Magical Deception
Ruler of the Underworld
Mythical Strong Man
Mythical Strong Man's True Love
Greedy Captain of Servants
Dark Healer

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