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Main Character
Betty's Sister
Betty's Father
Betty's Nephew
Betty's Boss
Daniel's Father
Daniel's Mother
Daniel's Sister (Former Brother)
Creative Director of Mode
Wilhelmina's Assistant
Receptionist at Mode
Murdered Creative Director
Fashion Reporter
Justin's Father
Betty's 1st Boyfriend
Betty's 2nd Boyfriend
Betty's 3rd Boyfriend
Betty's 4th Boyfriend
Daniel's Ex-Fiancee
Daniel's Wife (Deceased)
CFO of Mode
Wilhelmina's Daughter
Wilhelmina's Sister
Henry's Ex-Girlfriend
Henry's Son
Betty's Dentist - Dated Charlie
Betty's Orthodontist
Betty's Playwright Date
Betty's Neighbor Crush
Matt's Father
Matt's Mother
Betty's Best Friend
Christina's Husband
Christina's Son
Marc's 1st Boyfriend
Marc's 2nd Boyfriend
Amanda's Biological Father
Ignacio's Girlfriend
Ignacio's Crazy Immigration Case Worker
Hilda's Married Boyfriend
Hilda's Political Boyfriend
Hilda's Husband
Fey's Dog
Neighborhood ****
Claire's Child Out of Wed Lock
Alexis' Assistant
Claire's Prison Buddy
YETI Professor
Daniel's Friend/Assistant/Cult Member
Cult Leader
Alexis' Son
Private Investigator/Nico's Boyfriend
Editor at Mode
Editor at Mode (Deceased)
Daniel's Friend
Betty's High School Bully
Mode Temp - Former Receptionist
Wilhelmina's Country Love Interest
Wilhelmina's Rival/Mode Advertiser
Mode Executive
Justin's Classmate
Justin's Classmate
Justin's Boyfriend
Queens Photographer
Crooked Immigration Lawyer
Wilhelmina's Security Guard/Lover
Wilhelmina's Father
Amanda's Fake Biological Father
Justin's Dancing Rival
Betty's London Boss
Sofia's Ex-Fiancee/Stripper
Wilhelmina Attacked Smashed Her Hand in a Car Door
Model/Con Artist
Model's Mother/Con Artist
Bradford's Lawyer/Daniel's Love Interest
Henry's Girlfriend

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