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Forced Order
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Commits Suicide in Pilot/Narrator
Narrator's Husband
Narrator's Son
Season 1 Mystery Murder Victim
Season 1 Mystery Murder Victim's Father
Season 1 Mystery Murder Victim's Sister
Plumber/Susan's Husband
Main Housewife
Susan's Daughter
Susan's Ex-Husband
Blackmailer's Sister
Neighborhood ****
Main Housewife
Gaby's Husband
Gaby's Mother-In-Law
Gaby's Teenage Gardener/Lover
Teenage Gardener's Mother
Teenage Gardener's Father
Main Housewife
Bree's Husband
Bree's Son
Bree's Daughter
Main Housewife
Lynette's Husband
Lynette's Son
Lynette's Son
Lynette's Son
Lynette's Daughter
Tom's Ex-Girlfriend/Co-Worker
Bree's Therapist
Bree's Minister
Neighborhood Prostitute
Pill Popping Mom
Girl Painted Blue by Scavo Twins
Scavo Nanny
Andrew's 1st Boyfriend
Karen's Best Friend
Elderly Neighbor
Child who Blackmailed Gabby for a Bike
Tom's Father
Tom's Mother
Tom's Sister
Tom's Brother
Scavo Twins' Teacher
Won Promotion Over Tom
Disinvited Twins to a Birthday Party
Patient Zero
Country Club Gossip
Tom's Father's Other Woman
Deaf Friend of Lynette's
Deaf Friend's Husband
Tom's Boss
Tom's Boss' Wife
Mike's Dog
Woman Karl Left Susan For
Neighborhood Cat Lady
Cat Lady's Cat
Susan's Date - Edie's Contractor
Private Detective
Bree's Ex-Fiancee
Rex's Cardiologist
Gabby's Housekeeper
Rex's Mother
Season 2 New Resident
Season 2 New Resident's Son
Season 2 New Resident's Son - Hidden
Season 2 Mystery Murder Victim
Susan's Mother
Susan's Father
Susan's Stepmother
Susan's Stepfather
Susan's Doctor Boyfriend
Bree's Father
Bree's Stepmother
Carlos' Nun
Stripper Giving Baby Up for Adoption
Stripper's Boyfriend
Biological Father of Stripper's Baby
Stripper's Baby
Prisoner Threatening Carlos
Prisoner's Girlfriend
Carlos and Gabby's Gardner
Carlos' Attorney That Fell for Gabby
Gabby's Mother
Lynette's Boss - Female
Lynette's Co-Worker - Receptionist
Lynette's Boss - Male
Lynette's Male Boss' Wife
Lynette's Male Boss' Daughter
Parker's Imaginary Friend
Porno Mom
Porno Dad
Lynette's Breast Feeding Co-Worker
Breast Feeding Co-Worker's Son
Neighborhood Pedophile
Neighborhood Pedophile's Sister
Susan's Former Book Agent
Neighborhood Paperboy
Hit Man
Susan's Surgeon
Susan's Potential Gay Ex-Husband
Nurse Present at Juanita's Death
Private Investigator
Sophie's Date
Date Forced onto Susan by Sophie
George's Ex-Fiancee
Member of AA and SA
AA Sponsor - Male
AA Sponsor - Female
Mayor of Fairview/Gabby's 2nd Husband
Victor's Father
Edie's Nephew
Kayla's Mother
Tom's Daughter Out of Wed Lock
Took Hostage's at a Supermarket
Carolyn's Husband
Season 3 Mystery Murder Victim
Bree's 2nd Husband
Orson's Mother
Orson's Missing Wife
Limo Driver
Stylist/Pageant Coach
Edie's Son
Edie's 2nd Ex-husband
Susan's British Fiancee
Ian's Wife
Ian's Mother
Ian's Father
Assistant Manager at Scavo Pizzeria
Slave Owner
Lynette's Sister
Lynette's Sister
Gabby's Date - Carlos' Old Rival
Gabby's Date - Clumsy Pageant Girl's Father
Clumsy Pageant Girl
Pageant Winner
Gabby's Date - Worked for Zach Young
Karen's 1st Husband
Ian's Butler
Jane's Best Friend
Jane's Ex-Lover
Jane's Sorority Sister
Wedding Caterer
Park Ranger
Danielle's History Teacher
Danielle and Austin's Baby
Season 4 New Resident
Season 4 New Resident's Husband
Season 4 New Resident's Daughter
Season 4 Mystery Victim
Season 4 New Resident's Ex-Husband
Owner of House Formerly Rented by Mike
Lynette's Mother
Lynette's Former Stepfather
Mike's Mother
Mike's Father
Susan' and Mike's Son
Carlos and Gabby's Drug Dealing Tenant
Adam's Ex-Lover
Carlos' Accountant
Carlos' Guide Dog
Neighborhood Attorney
Neighborhood Attorney's Life Partner
Susan's Aunt
Susan's Nephew
Edie's Mother
John's Wife
Karl's 2nd Wife
Susan's Canadian Boyfriend
Season 5 New Resident
Season 5 Mystery Victim - Wife
Season 5 Mystery Victim - Daughter
Mike's Drug Dealer
Julie's Older Boyfriend
Neighborhood Handyman
Gabby's Daughter
Gabby's Daughter
Danielle's Husband
Carlos' Rich Obsessed Client
Carlos' Boss
Carlos' Boss' Wife
Bradley's Hairdresser Mistress
Gabby's Seamstress
Gabby's Gardener
Susan's Lesbian Co-Worker/Teacher
Carlos' Ex-Grilfriend/Co-Worker
Ida's Cat
Porter's Housewife Girlfriend
Porter's Housewife Girlfriend's Husband
Andrew's Husband
Andrew's Mother-In-Law
Orson's Prison Buddy
Karen's Sister
Edie's 1st Ex-Husband
Dave's Therapist
Karl's Son
Garden Club Member/Flirts with Tom
Season 6 New Resident
Season 6 New Resident's Husband
Season 6 New Resident's Son
Season 6 New Resident's Ex-Boyfriend
Lynette's Son - Miscarried
Lynette's Daughter
Nurse Blackmailing Season 6 New Resident
Carlos' Aunt
Carlos' Niece
Strangler's Mother/Victim
Strangler Victim/Preston's Fiancee
Plane Crash Pilot
Plane Crash Pilot's Wife
Strangler Victim/Coffee Shop Employee
Season 6 New Resident's Mother
Rex's Child Out of Wed Lock
Nurse Who Switched Babies at Birth
Former Stripper/Neighborhood Lesbian
Snitched on Season 6 New Resident
Gaby's Tutoring Housekeeper
Carlos' Employee Being Transferred to Miami
Katherine's Therapist
Tom and Lynette's Marriage Counselor
Bitter Neighbor
Orson Tried to Rob Her and Ended Up in the Hospital
Oakridge Principal
Bree's Contractor Boyfriend
Keith's Ex-Girlfriend
Keith's Son
Keith's Roomate
Keith's Father
Keith's Mother
Season 7 New Resident
Season 7 New Resident's Ex-Husband
Season 7 New Resident's Ex-Husband's 2nd Wife
Gabby's Biological Daughter
Juanita's Biological Mother
Juanita's Biological Father
Singing Housewife
Susan's Competition/Va-Va-Broom Actress
Doll Shop Owner
Bob and Lee's Adoptive Daughter
Paul's 2nd Wife
Violent Home Owner Association Leader
Stella's Husband
Susan's Apartment Landlord
Susan's Obsessed High School Friend
Bree's Formerly Fat Friend
Bree's Detective Boyfriend
Chuck's Ex-Wife
Season 8 New Resident
Gabby's Stepfather
Tom's Girlfriend
Jane's Daughter
PTA President
Carlos' Rehab Nurse
Alejandro's Wife
Alejandro's Stepdaughter
Karen's Husband
Solis Family Pet
Gabby's Boss
Gabby's Rich Client
Bree's Attorney
Prosecutor in Bree's Trial
Lydia's Fiancee
Lynette's Date - Tom's Boss
Lynette's Former Co-Worker
Mike's Sister
Andrew's Fiancee - Female
Lynette's Date - Hairdresser
Susan's Art Teacher
Murderous Loan Shark
Series Finale New Resident

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