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Main Character/Petrova Doppelganger/Vampire
Main Character/Vampire/Nice Brother
Main Character/Vampire/Bad Brother
Elena’s Brother/Hunter
Elena’s Aunt/Alaric’s Girlfriend
Teacher/Vampire Hunter
Elena’s Best Friend/Witch/Anchor to the Other Side
Miss Mystic Falls/Vampire
Jock/Elena’s Ex-Boyfriend
Matt’s Sister/Jeremy’s Girlfriend/Vampire
Vampire/Petrova Doppelganger/Human/Traveller
Elena’s Father
Elena’s Mother
Elena’s Father/Uncle
Elena’s Birth Mother/Alaric’s Wife/Vampire
Isobel's High School Friend
One of the Founders
Bonnie's Grandmother/Witch
Bonnie’s Cousin/Witch
Bonnie's Mother/Witch/Vampire
Bonnie's Ancestor/Witch
Bonnie's Father/Mayor
Abby's Stepson
Stefan and Damon’s Nephew
Stefan and Damon’s Father
Stefan and Damon's Half-Nephew/Sells Damon to Augustine
Caroline’s Mother/Sheriff
Caroline’s Father
Tyler’s father/Werewolf/Mayor
Tyler’s Mother/Mayor
Tyler’s Uncle/Werewolf
Matt’s Mother
Stefan’s Friend/Killed by Damon
Isobel's Research Assistant
Lexi’s Boyfriend/Tries to kill Damon
Entombed Vampire/Katherine's Friend
Pearl’s Daughter/Vampire/Jeremy’s Girlfriend
Entombed Vampire - Male
Entombed Vampire - Female
Vampire/Defends Stefan and Pearl
Witch/Heart Pulled out by Damon
Compelled by Katherine/Triggered Tyler's Werewolf Curse
Paralyzed/Killed by Katherine
Vampire/Stalked Alaric
Bartender/Using Bonnie
Football Coach/Bit by Damon
Decapitated by Elijah
Damon's Love Interest/Died from Werewolf Bite
Rose’s Geeky Friend/Vampire
Drained by Caroline
Warlock Working for Klaus
Werewolf in Mason's Pack
Warlock Son Caught on Fire
Warlock Father
Witch Sacrificed by Klaus/Luka’s Sister/Jonas’ Daughter
Werewolf Sacrificed by Klaus
Original Brother
Original Sister
Original Brother - Staked by Hunter
Original Brother - Staked by Human
Father of Originals
Mother of Originals/First Witch
Compelled to Commit Suicide – Dated Damon
Council Member/Doctor/Alaric’s Girlfriend
Witch/Lived During Esther’s Time
Werewolf/Failed Hybrid
Psycho Witch/Tortured Stefan
Tyler’s Date
Driven to Murderous Rampage by Gilbert Ring in 1912
Vampire/In Love with Finn
Vampire/Elena's Stalker
Miss Mystic Falls Contestant
Klaus' Hybrid
Mason's Friend/Triggered Curse
One of the Founders/Werewolf
Mystic Falls High Schooler/Father Died in Explosion
Vampire Hunter/The Five
Professor Using Bonnie to Open the Other Side
Unsired Werewolf Hybrid
Leader of The Five/Rebekah's Lover
Werewolf/Impregnated with Hybrid
Unsired Werewolf Hybrid/Murdered for Hunter's Mark
Vampire Hunter/The Five/Trapped in a Cave
Entombed Immortal Witch with Cure
Entombed Immortal Witch's True Love/Anchor to the Other Side
Immortal Witch's Vindictive Fiancee/Witch
Vampire/Traveller/Katherine's Daughter
Vampire Created by Professor to Kill Vampires
Professor/Augustine Member
College Student/Professor's Nephew
Imprisoned Augustine Vampire
Traveller/Nadia's Boyfriend
Murdered College Roommate
Traveller/Completes Passenger Spell
College Student/Witch
Professor/Created Augustine

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